Weather Station

Since June 2011, we have a weather station that records atmospheric variables. Sensors are charged by solar energy and send the data wirelessly to a console that records the information and presents preliminary analysis, which is then transferred to a database on the server.

The station is strategically located to the west, directly facing the sea winds, which allows us to document coastal atmospheric conditions, without interference from natural obstacles.

Among the variables of interest, measured continuously (day and night), are:
  • Temperature and humidity, both maximum and minimum daily amplitude
  • Atmospheric Pressure, a key to determining climate trends in the upcoming hours and days
  • Rainfall
  • Winds, both speed and direction, one of the most important variables for navigation planning
The addition of this powerful measurement tool is a complement and help in making administrative decisions, operational management and research in the Reserve and around, in a context of increased security and efficient use of resources.

Also, with the weather information it would be possible to compare the variables before described, and their dynamics throughout the year, with the presence of interesting wildlife for scientific research. The effort to record this data sustained over time, will help in developing predictive models.
Weather Station

Weather Station

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