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One way to share the lifestyle and activities of Añihue Reserve is through the Volunteer Program. This is how every year during the best weather season, usually November to March, we receive young Chileans and people of other parts of the world to have the opportunity to live for a month as active members of the Reserve, bringing into different areas.

This season December 2011 to March 2012 we are looking for volunteers who want to learn and provide scientific work, specifically, data collection for monitoring and identification of the Chilean and Peale dolphins that swim daily on our shores.

In order to maximize the efficiency of efforts and ensure that volunteer contribution is as helpful as possible, volunteers will be given an introductory course before the start of field activities.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, send an email to General Information using our Contact Form. Please include your personal information or curriculum.

For more details, download the Volunteer Program 2011/2012 (PDF)

Dolphin Monitoring Volunteer Photos
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Volunteers Jobs

On the Reserve, we are always looking for dedicated and responsible people who would like to be a part of our stable working team. The basic requirements are:
  • People in good health and good physical condition, compatible with the field work and have mental stability, particularly in isolated areas.
  • People with a pleasant and cheerful character, with a willingness to help.
  • People who are mature and humble, with a willingness to learn from their experience and that of others, in growing their personal development.
  • People who are professional and responsible for themselves, that appreciate the efforts they make and do not require supervision to meet their commitments.
  • People who acknowledge the nature of being in the field, who accept the loss of home comforts and make rational use of goods and services.
  • People who do not see the rainy weather as a problem and who are used to doing outdoor work anyway.
If you're interested in a paid job, send an email to General Information using our Contact Form. Please include your resume.

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