About Us

Añihue Reserve is a natural reserve created to preserve and protect the flora and fauna in one of the southernmost regions of Chile. It is a place where a rich biodiversity of native species co-exist, some of them endemic.

This untouched place is a paradise for nature lovers, a place totally disconnected from the city where you can breathe the purest air on the planet. Here, the force of nature is present every day; weather, wind, tides and rain play a very important role in decision-making and become determining factors in any activity.

One of our main objectives is the own Research and the support of Scientific studies from other national or international organizations, in order to create a database of the species of the Reserve and its surroundings.

We also seek to share and disseminate a respect for nature and educate about the proper use of our natural resources through our Volunteer Program and community activities in Raúl Marín Balmaceda.


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