How to Get Here

Añihue Reserve is located at the end of Palena river, facing the picturesque village of Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda (RMB) at the beginning of Chilean Patagonia (43 ° 47'55''S, 72 ° 58'30''W ). There are many ways to get here, each of them will undoubtedly be an amazing and unforgettable adventure, whether by land, air or sea...

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Air Without a doubt, the most impressive way to get here is by air, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the magnitude of the Reserve, including both its lush and untouched native forest and its beautiful beaches, bays and islands on the Pacific Ocean coast. Small planes provide direct charters from Puerto Montt to the aerodrome of RMB. Alternatively, there are daily flights from P. Montt to Santa Barbara (Chaitén) where the journey continues by road to the Reserve surroundings.
Road Another way to reach the Reserve is by road from La Junta, a small town located on a strategic point of the famous Carretera Austral (getting from Puerto Montt or Coyhaique). From there you have to head west in the direction of the jetty to RMB (about 65 kms). Then your car will board the public ferry to cross the Palena river, landing a few miles from town. The journey continues from that point by boat to the Reserve, near the end of the river into the sea.
Sea Sailing the Sea is the third way to get here, either on foot or by car. This is through Naviera Austral's ferries that make runs two times a week from Quellón (south of Chiloé) to RMB. This is an all-night trip across the respected and famed Corcovado Gulf (one stop at Melinka island) which is certainly an experience. Alternatively, you can navigate from Puerto Montt to Chaitén where the journey continues by road to the Reserve surroundings.
Own Yacht
Yacht You can also travel by yacht directly to the Añihue Bay, a peaceful and popular place to anchor yachts and small boats, surrounded by an unmatched landscape of beaches and islands that are part of the Reserve.
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