Toninas Sector
We have exclusive, cozy cabins, each one suitable for four guests, with a strategic and privileged location in the Reserve.

Immersed in a dense, ancient rain forest that is typical of the southern part of the country, the cabins are on a pristine beach approximately 1.5 kilometers long with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean where it's common to see families of dolphins.

The cabins were built and decorated with local materials and are comfortably equipped. The cabins have energy based on a system of solar panels and wood-burning stoves. Accommodation includes full board service and maid.

Añihue Bay Sector
In addition to the two cabins in the Toninas area, we have a third cabin for four people situated on the quiet Añihue Bay, located about 40 minutes navigation from the Reserve. Because of the cabin's location in the middle of the beach and depending on the tides, at certain times, it is an "island cabin".

This cabin is an alternative for the more adventurous who want to completely get away from civilization to enjoy the undisputed scenic beauty of the area.

The third cottage has a rustic and natural style. It is primarily for yachtsmen who want to take an unforgettable break from long hours or days at sea. The cottage has no electricity, but has a stove with puff, both for heating and for hot water. Accommodations do not include full board and maid.

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