Añihue Reserve

Monitoring of Marine Mammals on the Guaitecas Islands

Añihue Reserve supports a second expedition of CIEP in order to identify marine mammals on Guaitecas’s area, and to observe the effects that has had the salmon industry in the sector.

Monitoring of marine mammals around the islands of The Guaitecas, was the target of this second expedition in the area. The challenge was to identify and possibly quantify the species, such as observation of the effects that the salmon industry has had onn the sector.

The expedition was initiated by CIEP—Centre for Ecosystem Research in Patagonia—and headed for the second consecutive year by the German biologist Heike Vester, a specialist in the study of communication of cetaceans.

Añihue Reserve gave its support to the expedition that involved with equipment, development of logistics, making videos and photographs and gathering information for the study.

The expedition was run over a period of 10 days of navigation around The Guaitecas Islands in the boat "Añihue."

Team members were: Heike Vester—biologist and expedition leader, Luis Felipe Delpiano—crew and Felipe González D.—Captain, who worked together to create photographs and videos simultaneously.


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