Añihue Reserve

Research reveals an important biological ecosystem

Añihue Reserve is visited by researchers to study the underwater biodiversity in the area.

The first days of October we had the enjoyable visit of Carlos Cuevas, by Melimoyu Foundation, who with a group of people supported by Pumalin Foundation visited several potential places in the area (Isla Los Leones, Añihué, Bahía Mala, Santo Domingo and Melimoyu ). Their purpose was to identify the problems and support to prevent the entrance of the salmon industry or any other project incompatible with the common goal of conservation and protection of the marine area.

The research was conducted to know the underwater biodiversity to justify the creation of a marine protected area between Tictoc Bay and Bay Melimoyu. It employed a robot operated by the German expert Matthias Gorny (member of the Program of the Salmon Industry Biomonitoreo Cisnes-Yacaf) with excellent films which were made up to 160 meters deep.

The study found the existence of a highly productive marine ecosystem and the rich abundance of krill and crustaceans, which explains the strong presence of sea birds, sea lions, fish and whales in the area.


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