Añihue Reserve

Añihue Reserve participates in a Local Products Fair in Raul Marin Balmaceda (Fiesta Costumbrista de RMB), to encourage local production.

Various crafts were displayed and sold in the town of Raul Marin, as part of an initiative to enhance and support the production of local raw materials to generate a possible identity for the community.

Among the key objectives Añihue Reserve is the initiative of supporting the community of RMB in the production and dissemination of handicrafts made from local raw materials and / or regional. During the year we worked with people from the community to generate possible products to market in the summer. The samples made materialized at the Local Products Fair that took place in the month of February, revealing a variety of products that generated a lot of attraction from the tourists, whose manufacture could become not only a potential source of work and income for the community, but also could help to create a form of identity for the people and become better known outside the region.

Some products of interest are homemade jams made with wild strawberries collected from the beach, with “michay”, a regional berry and with “nalca”, made with the stem of this berry and huge local plant. Also offered were woven fabrics made of sheep's wool, stitched or crocheted by local weavers.


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