Añihue Reserve

Raul Marin Balmaceda community receives book

In an emotional and lively community meeting, Añihue Reserve delivers a copy of the book "Coastal Biodiversity of Raul Marin Balmaceda" to each family of the town, thus providing a contribution of knowledge acquired in recent years.

The Añihue Reserve’s initiative to create this little gathering information of the species of the coast of RMB and around, was born with the idea of disseminating and sharing with the community the knowledge acquired in recent years, and with it create awareness protection and respect from all who live or visit this unique area.

The idea was, basically, to capture in a book quality photographs accompanied by explanatory text accessible to everyone. Within the content, there is a historical summary of the people and their future potential in sustainable development. It describes in detail the different types of whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds and marine life recognized by the members of the Reserve during the last four years.

Giving the book was held in the gymnasium of the town, accompanied by the projection of photographs and a cocktail party prepared by the Reserve.

We appreciate the good reception from people in the community who were very grateful for this contribution.


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